March News (2021)

This happy little guy (Levi) turned 1 on March 1st!
Rosalie made these adorable cupcakes shaped into a snail! Kari helped him blow his candle out! 🙂

Rosalie’s parents, Jeff and Gretchen Meadows, as well as some of Rosalie’s siblings came from West Virginia to be here for Levi’s birthday!

Lots of presents for the birthday boy!

This was Jeff and Gretchen’s firs time to meet Grandpa and Grandma Morley!

Here is a picture of Levi and Kari with their parents, both sets of Grandparents, and one set of Great Grandparents!
Four generations!

I (Pearl) left Warrensburg at the end of February after being there two weeks, and Candace took my place place for the next two weeks. Crystal was there with her most of those two weeks, except for a few days when she went to Bus Convention in Indiana. While Crystal was gone, Ruby, a Mennonite girl that Mom had met when she came to one of Mom’s quilt knotting days, came to visit Candace and Amaris and help take them to the clinic since they didn’t have a vehicle to use. (Crystal was gone with her vehicle, and the other vehicle was at the mechanics.) Ruby actually has had Lymes Disease before and is a very sweet young lady that Candace and Amaris enjoyed getting to know a little bit over those few days that she spent with them.

L to R: Candace, Ruby, and Crystal
Putting a puzzle together!

After Candace’s two weeks with Amaris, I went for the next two weeks! Ezra kindly drove to Warrensburg with me, and stayed the weekend with Amaris and I before heading home Monday morning!

Eating Sunday lunch together — meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and tossed salad!
We like to make Amaris’ meals ahead and divide them into individual meal portions and freeze them so we can get them out of the freezer as we need them. Here I’m making a Buffalo Chicken Casserole!
Chili soup — ready to go in the freezer!
The second weekend I was in Warrensburg, Charity, Susanna, Tasha, and Candace came to spend the weekend with us!
It was great weekend with lots of good conversations, laughter, and delicious food!
Susanna made these amazing lemon curd cream puffs!
Singing together!
One last picture before they headed back home! So thankful for these girls!
Our cousin Jesse and his new bride, Salinn, came through Missouri on their honeymoon trip!

Here are a couple new additions to Uncle Fain’s farm!

Riding home from church! L to R: Caleb, Kari, and Laura
It was nice having our friends James and David Staddon stop by for a short visit on their way to Tennessee!
Pizza and games with the young people and Bro. and Sis. Mosely!

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