May News

Here’s a little glimpse into the happenings here in MO during the month of May!

The guys had a work day over at Jed’s place — they cut down and cut up a couple trees…
Moving the container to its permanent position…(also at Jed’s place)
Jed and his new tractor— Levi is definitely Daddy’s boy and loves anything that has a motor and moves! 🙂
Creamsicles are the perfect treat on a hot Missouri day!
Jed built this sandbox for Kari’s birthday!
They both love playing in it!
Look who turned 3!
She wanted a purple jello cake!
Some of Candace’s lovely baked goods for sale.
A new dump trailer purchased for the use of all four of us families living here in MO.
Amaris and I (Pearl) had a little excitement on our way home from Warrensburg. It happened right at the light when we came off the highway in Rolla (about 45 minutes from our place) and thankfully I was able to pull off right away at a gas station. Within a couple minutes a nice man pulled up and offered to change my tire for me. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the key to get the tire off so we ended up buying some stuff to plug the hole with (a screw was the culprit) and he aired up my tire and wouldn’t accept any pay for his trouble! Then I limped to Salem on a low tire where Ezra kindly met me and filled it up with some more air and drove it home for me.  This is a picture of it after we got home….Grateful for the Lord’s mercies — it could have been much worse!
Storytime with Grandma!
Uncle Craig’s family had a couple music programs this spring, and for this particular service, which was several hours away, Ezra went along to help with their sound, etc. The rest of us enjoyed it via livestream! 🙂
Uncle Fain’s and Ezra traveled back to PA for Nathaniel’s graduation from Penn View Bible Institute.
Uncle Gabriel’s family also was there — L to R: Bethany, Natasha, Carrie, Andrea, and Candace
A picnic lunch at Nathaniel’s place afterwards!
Tasha made this beautiful chocolate cake for Uncle Fain’s birthday on the 31st.
Tasha’s kitty befriended Samuel’s newly hatched little ducky!

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