January 2021

We didn’t have a white Christmas, but the week after Christmas God surprised us with an ice storm! It covered everything, making the whole landscape look enchanting!

Samuel got out his drone to capture these amazing shots!

We recently set up a bird feeder in our back yard, and have been delighted by all the birds that are attracted to it! Ezra took these beautiful shots after our ice storm!

I missed putting this picture in last month’s post. While Nathaniel and Erika were here over Christmas, we girls went out for a special breakfast and shopping trip for Erika’s birthday.
Here’s Kari helping me feed Coral her favorite treat — apples!
And then we headed to the puppy pen to snuggle some puppies!
Kari is already learning to be a good helper in the kitchen! Here she’s helping me bake biscuits for supper!
Matching cousins!
Coral, after a training session with Pearl.
Somebody looks guilty!! 🙂
When the newborn sleepers are on sale, we stock up for LifeLine Gifts’ baby bundles!
We girls put together 20 more layette bundles to have ready to go out when needed!

Jed’s family officially moved out here to Missouri on the 27th of January! They were unable to find a storage unit that had any available space, so we let them unload the moving truck into our garage. They are renting a small apartment from a local Mennonite family to live in until they are able to get into the house they are purchasing.

Snuggles with Mocha before she went to her new forever home!

Watching the guys unload the moving truck!
Kari was excited to reunite with her little car!
One of our puppy customers gave us this beautiful wreathe that she had made herself! Such a sweet, thoughtful gift! (Acorn Acres is the name of our puppy business.)
Little Miss Belle

David’s beautiful German Shepherd puppies
Uncle Fain’s took a big step and purchased this bus in hopes of creating a coffee shop on wheels to use as a ministry.

And I think that’s it for the news from the month of January!

Till next time,

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