The Right Love Life (Sermon Review)

This is the sermon review for the sermon The Right Love Life by David Gibbs Jr. This sermon was
very convicting to me. It was about 1 Corinthians 13. First comes faith, then hope, then charity. These
three, but the greatest of these is charity. And charity suffers long and is kind.

It was a very good message on agape love. There are lots of different kinds of love, but God
commands us to have agape love. That is the most dedicated and fulfilling love. The love that God
shows to us we should show to others. We should be kind in what we say, think before we speak, and
have a real love for people.

Not all of what we call love is God’s love. The Bible commands us to love our enemies and to not
hold anything against people but to love them anyway, no matter what they do or what they say. David
Gibbs gave a lot of illustrations of different times when he didn’t have God’s love and wasn’t loving
others the way we should love them.

It was a very good and convicting sermon, and I pray that I can have that love. I hope that this
encourages you to seek out the right kind of love and to ask yourself if you have God’s love, and if you
don’t, then to seek and find it because the Lord wants and commands us to have that love. To find this sermon, go to

written by Bethany Griggs, post prepared by Crystal Lucas

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