Memories #1– Sisters

I went through a lot of our old pictures so you will be seeing some old pictures along with newer ones.:) I hope you enjoy these as much as I loved finding them and writing about them. In some of these posts I will answer some questions that a friend asked me to consider answering in my posts.:) Answers to the questions will be in bold.


Estonia 2013

This was taken right after Pearl’s special celebration when she turned 12. That was 6 years ago. So hard to believe. I was just turning 18 that year. We had brought this material back from the States in the summer and I think it was my first real sewing project. I even made the blouse. 🙂 With adding other materials we were able to get 4 outfits.


Millmont, PA 2015

We brought this material back from Africa. We needed this picture for something and so we thought Uncle Fain’s arbor would be a nice place.


Pennsylvania 2018

We took Gem on a walk. We were expecting a baby horse any day but she ended up going more than a month after this picture. It was back when I could still walk.:)


June 2018

Little Coral was about 1 month old at this time. You can tell which animals we love the best. Pearl and I love horses. We grew up with them. I was 3 years old when I started riding and Pearl was 2 years old I believe. So horses have been in our whole lives.

Coral was born May 16th. So she is 8 months old. Gem (the mommy) is 21 years old.


April 2018

This was taken  in the peach orchard just above us. I am so blessed to have a sister. Even though we are 6 years apart in the last few years we have really bonded. She and I used to not be the best of friends. We have very different personalities and I think we clashed quite a bit. But I would say now we are best of friends. We are each others confidantes. We talk a lot together and try to encourage each other. I love you, Pearl!


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