July 2022

Tanner enjoying the garden bounty!
Great-Grandma reading books to the great-grandchildren on a Sunday afternoon.
Preparation for the 4th of July parade in town. We rolled up “million dollar” bills and attached them to a pieces of candy with a small rubber band.
The banner we had made for the back of the float!
Getting the tractor unloaded!

We sang and played patriotic music and threw out candy and “million dollar” bills. Our motto and what we wanted to portray was “Faith, Family, and Freedom”.

Mom and Aunt Regina along with Grandpa and Grandma Morley watched on the sidelines. The horses always come at the tail end of the parade.
Enjoying a picnic back at Uncle Fain’s place after the parade.
Mom and Dad were able to fly to PA for a week-long getaway for their anniversary.
They enjoyed visiting with many friends and family that they hadn’t seen a in a long time. Here is Mom with her Uncle Dave and Aunt Faith.
While our parents were away, we tore out the old carpet and put down new flooring in our front room, as a surprise anniversary gift! And yes, they were very surprised!
Dad is a proud new owner of a little motor bike that he can use to go back and forth to work.
Basil — one our Scottie-poo puppies
Uh-oh! Someone got in the mud! 🙂
Uncle Fain’s bought a new doggy — Felix, a male Maltese.
Levi loves helping pick produce out of the garden!
Kari loves helping in the kitchen!
She learning to be a really good helper!

We’re thankful for all the produce the Lord provided for each of our families here in Missouri despite having drought most of the summer!

Butchering chickens is a family affair!

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