March 2022

When Levi is quiet you know he’s up to something.
A big mess for Mommy to clean up.
Aunt Anna’s latest book that Ezra has been helping with.
Ezra, David and Candace took a short mission trip to St. Francis in South Dakota to help Uncle Jonathan’s family remodel a church.
Drawing by Danny Lucas
Adding trim.
Practicing songs before an evening service where they provided some special music, Ezra preached, and David led the singing.
Candace and Carrie were in charge of cooking meals for the group!
Discussions around supper.
Candace also sewed burlap curtains for the church.
The guys stopped to visit the Badlands on their way out of South Dakota!
The young people went skiing in Colorado before heading home!
Helping Daddy measure his hole!
Making chili on Jed’s new outdoor grill that he built himself!
Jed borrowed a backhoe to clear off some of his land.
Much better!
Building a greenhouse on his property.
Little Tanner is such a happy baby.
Happy brothers matching.
Candace’s Sunday School class
We are grateful for the group of ladies that came to help pack over 70 Lifeline Layettes. Our biggest packing day yet!
Even Grandma Morley came to help for a while.
Caleb was a big helper!
LifeLine Gifts new business bookmark.
The bookmark that goes into each Layette Bundle with a Bible.
Mommy and Daddy delivered Lifeline Layettes to 5 different Pregnancy Resource Centers here in Missouri.
Candace made these skirts and Laura and Kari modeled them for her so she can advertise them on her Etsy shop!
Spring is just around the corner!
Making cookies with Mommy.
Practicing bells in preparation for Easter!

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