Kari Rose #14

Traveling from West Virginia to Pennsylvania with Aunt Pearl.
I like helping Daddy and Uncle Ezra with the dishes, though I must say the whisk handle was very distracting!
I’m going to be a mighty hunter like my Daddy when I grow up!
I like playing with my animals after Mommy gets me ready for church.
What does it say, Uncle Ezra?
I love you so much, Mommy!
Trying to get my baby settled.
I love doing puzzles with Mommy!
…and reading books with Aunt Pearl
…..and “Aunt” Crystal
I was so fascinated with Frosty, but she wasn’t very thrilled by all the attention I gave her.
I’m a true West Virginia girl!
“Are you coming, Mommy?”
Aww…I love my snowman!
Me and my new friend!
“I can’t reach you, Mommy!”
“I’m flying, Mommy!”
I like to pose!
Don’t you love my goofy grin?
I love helping Mommy make brownies for Daddy.
…the best part is licking the spoon!
We had quite the tussle!! 🙂 The band-aids Ma-maw gave me for Christmas came right in handy!
I’m enjoying my big chocolate bar, Mommy!
Don’t you think I’d make a pretty bride, Daddy?! 🙂
Unwrapping my Christmas gift!
Daddy helped me put it together!
Now I can ride in style!
“I’m waiting patiently, Mommy! When’s the food coming?”
My Popsicle was so cold I had to wrap it up!
Time for supper!
Lego time!
Giving Daddy some lovin’!
I wanted to help push Aunt Amaris in her wheelchair — it was so much fun!

Special thanks to Pearl for doing the captioning/typing. It was a great help.

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