Looking forward into 2020– Reflections of 2019

I wanted to write a blog post with reflections of the past year things and looking forward into the new year.

Right here at the beginning, I want to thank God for His mercy and goodness. Without Him to see me through things would have felt even more hard and complicated. I must admit that I haven’t felt God close all the time or had as close a walk and trust in God as I wish I could have but He has been faithful and I have felt Him there many times at difficult times this past year.

I am going to quickly recap a few things that happened this year but won’t have the time to go into detail of many of them. Last January the Lord led us to try a new doctor in Wayne PA. I have been going to him for almost a year now. Although we have not found very many answers yet I hope this next year will be a little more successful. In March, Ringspiration started preparing for the spring programs it was a very busy time as some of the young people were also in school and participating in a large choir. Over the summer there were trips taken to Mexico, India, Peru, and Africa.

I took a trip to Colorado in July with the hope that a change of scenery would help me gain a little strength back. I did see a few little improvements while there but my trip was cut short by my dear grandma Blowers passing. Then in September I went back to try the Colorado air again but just having change medication before going things did not go as planned and I got worse. So my trip was cut short again and I came home. Because of doing so poorly we need to find another solution so I started IV treatments in Wayne, PA. I spent five weeks staying with a friend’s family while taking these treatments. I saw a bit of improvement here and there which we were very grateful for. But to continue working on fighting these diseases the doctor wanted me to try a new medication that’s just been discovered to help Lyme. But unfortunately things did not go well again so we are continuing to look for answers in 2020. We will see where God will lead us this next year in regards to my health journey.

Then in December, just before Christmas, 5 short months after grandma passed Grandpa Blowers passed into Glory. It was very difficult to see him waste away and eventually pass on from a large tumor. But God has been there for all of us especially his daughters who sacrificially gave of themselves these past 5 months.

Overall, this year has been a very hard one. I would say one of the hardest of my life. I am willing to say that I try to be very thankful for the testing and trials because I have been learning many lessons. God is so good to us in helping us learn lessons of life. And sometimes I wonder if I would have learned these lessons any other way. “It is hard to be patient. It seems like it would be so easy if I could just be well all at once and get on with life. But if that is not part of His plan, then I know that it would not be best for me. There will always be something I would change if I could while I’m on earth, so I need to learn to be content with the things I can’t change.” (a quote from a friend in similar circumstances and echoes my heart) Maybe I have a better work to do at least for a while like Lifeline Gifts. It is hard to understand and take when you have to have be dependent on people all the time for every need. But ultimately God’s way is best and we have to be content in that place. Being content with what I can’t change is a big struggle. We as humans want to be able to do everything and fix everything.

God has given me a project to work on this year. It’s called Lifeline Gifts. As I’m able I have been doing a lot of research and planning in the many hours that I have to think. This has been a dream of mine and I feel like God has shown me a way to give back this year since I haven’t been able to travel with my family doing programs for the past two seasons. God is so good. He will work through us if we allow Him to. I don’t know if I would have been willing to do this even several months ago. It’s only by God’s grace that I’m able to work on a project like this because where I am physically. He can work through the greatest struggles. This project is very close to my heart and I can’t wait to see what God will do. I am blessed to have much help with the physical part of the labor. Lifeline Gifts vision is to yearly help needy children around the world. Lifeline Gifts will be packing boxes or backpacks filled with toys, hygiene supplies, school supplies, arts and crafts, and clothes. They will then be sent around the world by Operation Christmas Child, or similar organizations to children who are in very needy situations, such as: war, famine, natural disasters, or those who have physical needs. The goal is to pack around 140-200 boxes this year (or possibly more as funds allow).

The mission of Lifeline Gifts is to help children to learn more about God by giving them a gift through Operation Christmas Child or similar organizations. Each box is filled with toys, hygiene products, school supplies, arts and crafts, clothes, and a personal letter and picture. One box could help teach a whole family about Jesus! Lifeline Gifts’ vision is not only to bring joy to children in other countries, (as well as our own country), but in the end to multiply the kingdom of heaven.

The goal for Lifeline Gifts is to give you and me the opportunity to experience the joy of giving, in order to see the Word of God spread throughout the world.

Isaiah 6:8. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ” Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!

If you would like to donate funds, here is the link to donate. paypal.me/LifeLineGifts or you can send a check to me with the memo Lifeline Gifts.

So far we have around $2,000 of the needed funds. My goal is $4500 right now. I have been able to purchase some of the needed items and will continue to buy supplies as I continue to receive funds.

A few things I have been thinking about that I want to try to do this year is immerse myself more in God’s Word, to be more consistent in my prayer life, to read more books, and to enjoy every moment of life that I can. At this point, I can’t make plans and goals because I never know from day-to-day what I’ll be able to do. But to learn to enjoy and be content in every moment is something that I can strive for.

Lastly, I wanted to list a few of the blessings God has bestowed on me this past year. I have been able to read 34 books and listened to 26 audio books. Audio books are my biggest friend the past few months. Another blessing is technology. Most of this blog post was written by speaking into my phone and it did the typing for me. I am very grateful for my phone and the ability to utilize it in this way. Also I want to thank my family and friends for the careful, constant and loving care they have given me. I couldn’t do without you. I want you to know I really appreciate it. May your New Year be filled love, joy, peace and happiness.

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