Memories #5 — Africa

As I reflect back over the past years of our Africa travels it fills me with joy and gratitude for the ability to have gone on those trips. Don’t take your health and capability to travel for granted. God has given us all a gift of life and I never want to ever take them for granted. I think back on those times with so many fond memories and hope I can make more memories like that someday soon.

Ezra and Candace’s graduation was just about a week before we left.

Our first trip was in 2014 after hearing of a need for helpers in the yearly Bible distribution trip. We were privileged to go for 6 weeks in July, to help Uncle Pieter and Aunt Hester Marias, who work with Hope International Missions and the Namibian Bible society to get the Bibles into the hands of the people at a more affordable cost. We spent two of those weeks very busy with distributing the Bibles which was estimated to be around 2,000.

Farewells at the airport. Amrie Geise and her children traveled with us.

These sweet ladies wanted a picture with us.

We had two different stands set up but this was the not as busy one. The other one was always crowded with people.

The whole team in 2014.

After 2 weeks in Namibia with the team distributing Bibles we took a 3-4 trip back down to Lady brand in South Africa. They went mountain climbing one day for exercise.

We arrived at Amrie Geises parents farm where we spent the rest of our time. Helping on the farm, cleaning up a missionaries burnt house, taking pictures for the local Christian school and singing in different churches. So many good memories.

Joreth, is Amrie’s sister and a dear friend. We really enjoyed getting to know her better.

Our official photo for the trip in 2014.

Just getting set up for the first time on the trip in 2015.

The place we cooked meals and washed dishes. Usually always after dark because of long days out in the market place.

Uncle Piet telling about some adventure and everyone had to gather round. We had so many good times around supper sitting in a circle just talking and listening to stories.

The first team for 2015. We were there with Uncle Piets for 6 weeks. A little 4 were spent in distributing Bibles. The rest in travel and visiting animal parks. Three men from America came for the first 2 weeks.

The second team in 2015. The Colemans joined us for two weeks. It gave the us the ability to have 2 or 3 different spots each time.

We always had to get a photo.:)

Team for 2018. I was not able to go along but my cousin Samuel got to go. It was his first long international trip.

They enjoyed 4 weeks working with Uncle Piet’s and then did a little sightseeing of Victoria Falls. Then they spent 2 weeks in traveling and helping Phil Geises in South Africa.

Glad you could share these memories with me. I pray you find ways to reach out to others this summer and help bring joy to whoever is near you. I am looking forward to what God has for me even though I can’t travel right now. May God richly bless you.

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  1. Bethany Griggs

    Another good post! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from the different trips all together. Being able to travel and minister is definitely a blessing from God!!


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