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March News

We had puppies born this month. Such cute little scottie poos. My little Frosty had two little puppies. One didn’t make it but we have one sweet little darling. It… Read more »

February News

My horses are over at Uncle Fain’s right now because their fencing situation is better. Coral is very bad at staying in our fence here. And once they don’t respect… Read more »

January News

Welcome to the January News Post! I hope you enjoy all the pictures from this month. Taking a walk with cousins. I had just gotten this wheelchair from my grandparents… Read more »

Monthly Post ~1-1-19~

Our Mongolian Christmas Nativity set. I love this JOY sign. That is basically the extent of our Christmas decor besides candles and poinsettas. Setting up bells for a program. We… Read more »

A Deery Accident

As told by Elon Morley, edited by Amaris. You want to hear more details about our big exciting adventure. We are deeply grateful, first of all, for God’s great mercies… Read more »

Thanksgiving #2

Most of the crew at lunch time. Aunt Anna was the one who organized the evening proceedings on Thanksgiving Eve. With all the school youngsters taking a part in telling… Read more »

Thanksgiving 2018 #1

The 4 Morley families from PA traveled out to Missouri in the same day. We joined up with Uncle Craig’s about halfway through the trip. Three of the students had… Read more »