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August News

More pictures to come sometime about the different trips made late summer. Pictures from India and Africa. Hope you enjoyed our month of pictures!

July News

Tearing out the old bathtub to install a new shower. Taking out the old toilet also.:) This is how you get an old bathtub out. You have to use the… Read more »

June News

Pearl and Mommy decided to really deep clean the kitchen cupboards. They got rid of a lot of things that we never use. The kitchen looks much better now. Candace… Read more »

May News

Little Sparkle is such a darling. I love her so much. She loves to cuddle. I am so blessed…. one on each side.:) She is one fiesty little puppy. But… Read more »

April News

Little Sparkle was born on March 31. She was 4 1/2 inches long. She is such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. Sparkle is really getting big now. But she… Read more »

March News

We had puppies born this month. Such cute little scottie poos. My little Frosty had two little puppies. One didn’t make it but we have one sweet little darling. It… Read more »

February News

My horses are over at Uncle Fain’s right now because their fencing situation is better. Coral is very bad at staying in our fence here. And once they don’t respect… Read more »