Hymn Reflection– In Your Silence

Have you a heart that’s weary
Tending a load of care?
Are you a soul that’s seeking
Rest from the burden you bear?

Do you know (do you know) my Jesus?
Do you know (do you know) my friend?
Have you heard (have you heard) He loves you?
And that He will abide til the end (til the end)?

Who knows your disappointments?
Who hears each time you cry?
Who understands your heartaches?
Who dries the tears from your eyes?

This song has come to mind a couple times and then today was in my playlist. All these questions in this song are on my mind right now. And maybe they are on your mind too? Another sweet reminder of how Jesus understands and cares. He knows each time we cry. And our disappointments and pain. Do you know Jesus? Do you know He loves you more than tongue can tell? He will give us rest if we ask Him. Thank you Jesus. Blessings.


Photos taken by James Staddon. To learn more about him and his photography please visit www.lenspiration.com.

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