February News

On January 25th, Amaris moved to Warrensburg, MO (about a 3 1/4 hr. from our place) for a couple months while she gets treatments at a Lyme Laser Clinic there. We’re renting a trailer that is about 8 miles from the clinic for Amaris (and whoever is there to care for her) to live in for the next couple months. Mom and Candace stayed with her for the first week, and then Aunt Becky traded off with Candace, and stayed the next 2 weeks with Mommy.

Aunt Becky and I celebrated our birthdays together on the 5th of February.
The trailer we’re renting in Warrensburg.
A beautiful bouquet Amaris received from some dear friends!
Susanna is great at finding baby clothes on sale for Lifeline Gifts!
Homemade sushi — one of our favorites!
It’s been so fun having our niece and nephew/grandchildren nearby!
Smoothie time!
Rosalie preparing the steaks for my birthday dinner.
Since I was going to be in Warrensburg with Amaris over my actual birthday, we had a special supper before I left.
The menu for the evening was juicy steaks (thanks to Rosalie!), roasted garlic parmesan potatoes, bacon wrapped aspargus bundles, succotash, and homemade strawberry lemonade.
Rosalie also made this delicious strawberry ice cream cake!

It was so nice getting to celebrate my birthday with Jed and Rosalie and children and Uncle Fain, Aunt Regina, Tasha, and Candace, and my Dad! 🙂 I missed having the guys there (they were all in MX on a mission’s trip) as well as my Mom and Amaris, and also Susanna and Charity, who were gone on a short trip to PA.

The next day, Tasha and I headed out for Warrensburg to take care of Amaris. It was so nice to have Tasha stay with us and help me the first week I was there!

Part of Amaris’ morning routine is having one of us write down her total calories and protein from the day before and how many hours of sleep she got the night before.
This is Amaris’ line up of tinctures she takes before, with, and after meals every day.
Amaris and I before her laser treatment. We have to wear these protective glasses during the treatment.
Taking a walk on one of the coldest days we had while we there. At least the sun was shining!! 🙂
Back at home, they made snowmen with the 6 inches of snow they got there!
The guys stopped by for the night on their way home from their mission’s trip to Mexico. (We’ll be posting a whole separate post on that trip!) Crystal followed them back in her vehicle to stay in Warrensburg a couple weeks to help out!
Tasha went home with the boys, and Crystal stayed with me for my second week there!
Enjoying some blizzards from Dairy Queen while we were running errands one beautiful warm day! The weather changed from being in the single digits the first week, to being in the 50s and 60s the next week! It was amazing!
A beautiful sunset one evening in Warrensburg.
Aunt Kezia’s family came to Missouri for a couple days to visit!
My cousin Tim made this beautiful cedar saddle stand for my birthday!!
Kari loves Frosty’s little puppy, the only one we still have left. (We found out that she is completely blind, but she has the sweetest personality, and is so full of life and energy!
It was so nice to have Uncle Ben and Aunt Dorcas’ family come from Virginia to visit! They joined us for our Sunday morning service at the chapel on the lake.
L to R: Susanna, Mercy, Esther, Charity, Natasha, Pearl, and Jennelle

And that concludes the pictures from our activities in February!

Till next time,
— Pearl

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