In Memory of Grandpa Blowers

Jed’s special 13th birthday celebration

  To My Daddy

One year ago, you slipped away
    to Jesus – in your sleep.
And left us all in this world’s fray
    Vigil for our souls to keep.

Days and time on heaven’s wing
    Don’t hold the same value,
For us left here that morning
    Dec. 19, your 1st beyond the blue.

Traits that fit a Blowers kin:
    Aglility, music, and zest for truth,
Loving discipline, souls to win,
    Hymns of faith and love of youth.

These are things time won’t dim
    For you have taught them well.
Time is little enough to skim
    the depths eternity will tell.

So this Dec. 19th we could not wish you back.
    We rejoice your suffering’s done
The victory won- pain you lack,
     And you and Mother are with the Son!

-Anita Lois

Saying good-byes at the airport before our family headed back to Mongolia in 2004.
A special anniversary trip to Niagra Falls!
Grandpa and Grandma Blowers’ 68th wedding anniversary celebration.
At their grandson Matthew’s wedding!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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