Book Review– George Mueller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

This is the book review for the book George Mueller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans by Janet
Benge. George Mueller was a very naughty young boy. He was constantly stealing and conniving and
trying to never get caught. Up until his college life, he was a very wicked young man. But, one day he
came to Christ, and it totally changed his life.

He went to college to become a minister. Through many different circumstances, he became a
pastor at a church and fell in love with a lady who was a bit older than him. They started out their
married life with a decent salary, but George Mueller felt that God didn’t want him to have a salary
because most of it was paid for by pew rental. People had to pay for their church pews, and usually the
richest had the front seats, and the poorest had the back seats. He didn’t feel like that was right but
thought that anybody should be able to sit wherever they wanted. So, they gave up a lot of their

George Mueller would start praying for different things and usually they came at just the right
moment when they were needed. They would sit down at the table, and he would pray for food because
they didn’t have any, and there would be a knock at the door that would be someone coming with
something for them to eat. That is how he lived his whole life from then on. He and his wife believed
that God would provide everything that they needed.

Eventually they moved to Bristol and through some circumstances George Mueller became aware of
the terrible problem of the orphans in Bristol. So, with barely enough food and money for his own
family, he started an orphanage with thirty girls and run by prayer. Prayer was how he was able to get
the money, the people to work for him, and all of the supplies. It all came through prayer. After awhile
they had to move the children into a bigger place, and they bought their own land of seven acres. He
built the first building, and over the years he build five buildings and cared for a large number of
children at a time, possibly a thousand or more. They had about ten thousand children in all.
This story was very inspiring and very intriguing. I could hardly quit listening to it. There was
story after story of how almost right away when they prayed God would provide. Sometimes it did
take awhile, but God always came through and was always there for them. I hope that you find this
book as intriguing as I did, and I hope you will look it up and read it.

This post was typed and edited by Bethany Griggs.

Pictures by Ezra Morley.

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