November News

Cecily fits perfectly in Candace’s apron pocket!
A fun kayaking trip down the Current River!
Preparing for a fall party!
Uncle Fain’s family hosted an outdoor fall party at their place. Everyone brought different kinds of soup and sides. It was delicious!
Oh yes, and pies! 🙂
Daddy, busy at work at the metal roofing shop!
Ethan and David with the bucks they got this hunting season!
And Pearl shot this buck a few days later!
She even gutted it herself! 🙂
Aunt Regina canned some of their venison with vegetables for a ready-made soup!
Rosalie got two does in one night!
Practicing a song together!
Putting the new tractor to good use!
Lots of clean-up and burning going on at the place Uncle Craig’s are fixing up!
Jed and Rosalie and family came in for Thanksgiving!
Fun with Kari and Levi!
Frosty had puppies! This one is the runt — she’s so tiny but very tenacious!
Shopping for baby items for the layette bundles we put together for a ministry in St. Louis.
Over the time everyone was in for the Morley Thanksgiving gathering here in Missouri, the girls came over and put together these baby bundles! More info on that in a later post!
Mommy put in a lot of work making quilts for the baby bundles!
We took a group picture of everyone that is involved in the LifeLine Gifts ministry.
Cecily, with a new friend!
Easton, the boy Candace used to babysit.
Lots of yummy cookies at Candace’s roadside stand!
And mini cheesecakes!
If you remember, we left the 200 gift boxes (that we packed back in May) in PA when we moved. Uncle Gabriel’s children kindly put all the Lifeline Gifts stickers on each box and put in a picture and card in each one.
Sweet little Elliana and big brother Brynn!
Then they took the boxes to a local church who will deliver them to the Samaritan’s Purse warehouse!
Our Scottie-poos are growing quickly and are at such a fun stage right now!
The dessert table at our Thanksgiving gathering
The Morley clan that gathered for Thanksgiving in Missouri! Stay tuned for the post with pictures from Thanksgiving weekend!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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