A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter (Book Review)

Picture by Ezra Morley.

This is a book review for the book, A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter, written by Alice Turner Curtis.
The story is about a little ten year old girl named Sylvia who was from Boston but lived in South
Carolina before the war. She really loved her new home and being able to go out on the water to learn
how to boat. Sylvia also loved her new friends who she got very close to, and she really enjoyed the
private school for girls that she was a part of.

Life was good but, tensions were building, and things started changing in her town of Charleston.
Throughout all of this, she became much better acquainted with her little maid servant Estrella. She
learned what it was like to be a slave and how slaves were treated and the agony that slaves went
through when they were sold or threatened to be sold.

Through her teacher, she learned that people aren’t perfect, and you have to stand up for your rights.
She stood up for her right as a lover of the Union and went through many dangers to help the cause of
the Union by carrying messages back and forth to Fort Sumter. Trying to help keep the country together
got her into many dangerous situations.

This book is a very simply written, sweet story. I hope that this book review inspires you to get the
book and read it.

This post was typed and edited by Bethany Griggs.

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