Prayer for 40 Days for Life

Picture by Ezra Morley

Pray for protection at the vigil sites. Several places have had to hire guards because of aggressive abortion supporters and Antifa agitators.

Pray for the abortion doctors that they will come to grips and step away from performing abortions.

Seek Justice with peace. The goal of 40 Days for Life is to help peacefully end abortion. They strive for peaceful protest against abortion. Pray that through this many more mothers will choose LIFE.

Pray for Britian as they fight hard against pro-life also attacking freedom of speech. They targeted 40 Days for Life vigils with buffer zones.

Pray that parents will choose life for their child with disabilities. Doctors pressure parents to have abortions because of things life down syndrome.

Praise God for amazing results as we know of 290 babies saved from abortion through your prayers since September 23!

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