Book Review–The Penny Whistle

Picture by Ezra Morley

This is the book review of the book, The Penny Whistle, by B. J. Hoff. It’s about a teacher named
Jonathan Stewart, and Maggie and Summer, two little girls who brought back hope to a little mining
town. Mr. Stewart had a physical problem. His silver flute was stolen, and nobody knew who had
taken it.

Little Maggie decided to take up a collection to help buy another flute for him. She did not know
that the teacher, not knowing about her collection, wanted the children to take up a collection for
several poor families that were in desperate need in the town. Mr. Stewart was very physically unwell,
especially after his flute was stolen. He had just lost hope and was going to leave and not teach

Summer and Maggie decided to have a birthday party for him and give him the gift of a penny
whistle. Summer drew a pattern and they gave it to someone to make. Before the birthday party,
Summer died of tuberculosis, so Maggie was the one who gave Mr. Stewart the penny whistle.
Hope came back to him from getting that penny whistle. Years later, he thanked Maggie for the
hope and the gift of the penny whistle because that’s what gave him hope again and helped him through
that time.

I really enjoyed the book. My cousin Candace introduced me to it and read it to me. She and I both
really enjoyed it. I hope that this will inspire you to find the book and read it for yourself.

This post was typed and edited by Bethany Griggs.

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