I Asked The Lord To Comfort Me (Hymn)

I asked the Lord to comfort me
When things weren’t going my way;
And He said to me, “I will comfort you
And I’ll lift your cares away.”
I asked the Lord to walk with me, when darkness was all that I knew;
And He said to me “Never be afraid, and I will see you through.”

I didn’t ask for riches, but He gave me wealth untold,
The moon and the stars, the sun in the sky, and He gave me eyes to behold.
I thank the Lord for everything, and I count all my blessings each day;
For He came to me when I needed Him, I only had to pray.

And He will come to you, if you ask Him to,
For He’s only a prayer away.

Pictures by: Ezra Morley

1 comment on “I Asked The Lord To Comfort Me (Hymn)

  1. Bethany Griggs

    That’s very encouraging, Amaris. It really changes our perspective when we intentionally count our blessings and thank the Lord for everything He has given us. I enjoyed that peaceful arrangement.


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