May News

The most exciting event that occurred in May was Ezra and Crystal’s (Aunt Anna’s daughter) graduation from Penn View Bible Institute.

Ezra was one of the two valedictorians in his class. He gave an excellent speech!
Presentation of the roses to his Mom (and sisters!)
It was so great to 31 of the cousins together for the special event!
Penn View Graduating Class of 2020
Pearl’s cart load of groceries for the picnic!
We rented a pavilion near Penn View to have a graduation party/picnic.
Ezra was delighted to have his photography friend, James Staddon (on the far left) come all the way from West Virginia!
Nathaniel was in charge of the grilling and did a great job!
The three roses from the graduation and some daisies Pearl picked on her way home from work.
With all the extra hands around for the weekend, we recruited all the cousins to help us pack 200 Lifeline Gift boxes. It was a lot of work, but fun to do it together! I got watch by camera while they did all that.
We packed the gift boxes into banana boxes and then loaded them up into the van!
Our friends, the Burkholders, kindly allowed us to store them all in one of their insulated sheds until they get shipped.
Tasha and Candace busily painting the kitchen in their new house in MO.
They’ve already made their place so cozy!
Candace got their pantry stuff all unloaded and organized on the shelves Uncle Fain built.
Doing some landscaping…
Jed and Rosalie and children enjoying a supper with Uncle Fain’s.
Grandma Morley enjoying her newest great-grandchild – Jed’s son, Levi.
Pictures from a walk they took one beautiful Sunday afternoon (in MO).
Uncle Fain’s children and Uncle Craig’s children.
Going canoeing for Uncle Fain’s birthday.
We were given 25 chickens that we processed and canned/froze.
One of Uncle Fain’s kittens!
Enjoying my first pickle in over 6 months with my sister!
Sisters and friends forever! Right after an outing to get blood drawn before my trip to Arizona.
Saying good-bye at the airport when I left for Arizona…:(
Now we’re in Arizona….Mommy unpacking from our trip.
I put pictures of my favorite people where I can see them all the time.
My “new” bedroom for a couple months.
Two days after we arrived in Arizona, I had to go a local hospital to get my port put in. The port is for administering IV treatments.
My little furry companion here in Arizona while I don’t have Frosty with me.
A scene in the airport.
A fun selfie Pearl took with Coral to send to me.
“Look who’s at the window!” 🙂
A Sunday evening walk that Nathaniel, Ezra, and Pearl took with some of Uncle Gabriel’s children.
Candace and cousin Rose on their way to Pennsylvania (for the graduation).
Daddy had to replace an alternator on a trip back from Michigan. Thank the Lord it wasn’t very serious and he had it replaced and was on his way again in about an hour and a half.
Another Sunday evening walk (in Pennsylvania.)
Jed and his family on a Sunday evening walk in West Virginia. Rosalie is taking the picture! 🙂
Kari’s “treasures” she collected on their walk!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing this post up.~

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