April News

Starting the process of re-organizing/decorating my room.
First we had to take some unnecessary things out….
Candace is stringing up my lights to make it more cheery. We also put up pictures frames and did some decorating.
We also moved the fish tank so that I can see it better.
I was able to purchase the rest of the items for LifeLine Gifts. Daddy was the one to open up my boxes and count the items for me.
Putting the shoe boxes together one Sunday afternoon.
Ezra’s ingenious box formations.
More Life Line gift projects.
Ezra put his photography skills to use, and photographed my pretty fish.
Jed and Pearl in the kitchen making lunch. (Jed and Rosalie came for the weekend to help celebrate Mom’s birthday.)
Coloring time!
My first time to hold my precious nephew!
Kari loves to hold her baby brother!
He’s such a calm little guy!
Enjoying the beautiful Spring weather out on the swing. Baby Levi seemed to really like it! 🙂
We may have a budding pianist!
Sunday afternoon walk
After 3 1/2 years on loan to us, Gem went home with her owners. A big thanks to the Bill Yoders for allowing us to keep her and enjoy her!
Frosty had three beautiful puppies on the 28th – two boys and one girl.
Pearl’s been faithfully taking time to train Coral. She brought her over to my window to see me one day after her training.
Speaking of training Coral…The Lord provided us a really nice round pen for a good price. Uncle Gabriel and boys helped Daddy and Pearl take it down and load it onto a trailer.
Here it is, all set up in our horse pen!
Watermelon is one of our favorites, well, at least Pearl’s! 🙂
Mommy opening some presents we got for her from Amazon.
Tasha diligently painting a desk.
Thursday, the 30th, was Uncle Fain’s family’s loading up day. (They left the next day.)
As you can see, it was a very rainy day.
Natasha, Susanna, and Pearl chat in the empty kitchen.
Our pantry/freezer/dryer room got flooded that day, as well as our basement.
Makeshift beds on the floor for the last few days in their (Uncle Fain’s) house.
Nathaniel drove out a week earlier with the first moving truck. Here it is, parked in one of the buildings on their new property in MO.
They had a little caravan of vehicles on their way to MO. Uncle Fain and Aunt Regina in the moving truck, Susanna and Natasha in the Toyota Highlander, and Uncle Craig in his van, pulling a trailer. (Candace and Samuel followed a day later with their other Highlander and trailer.
Pearl took Candace and Tasha out for ice cream one last time before they left! We really miss them, but are hoping to join them out in MO before too long, Lord willing.
Missed putting this picture in last month’s post. Uncle Gabriel’s girls, Andrea and Carrie, invited David and Pearl to go horse riding with them at their Aunt Lori’s. She owns these horses and also owns a stable where she boards horses.
Trying to see what Ezra and Pearl are doing outside! 🙂
Daddy took a load of stuff out to MO a few weeks ago, and was able to store it at Grandma and Grandpa’s Morley’s. Unfortunately the trailer he was hoping to put a down payment on while he was there, fell through. So we’re still looking for the right place!
Both Easton and Wyatt love looking at the fish!
Wyatt looks quite pleased about his new hair do!
Candace made this adorable blanket for Wyatt as a good-bye gift.
Candace and Easton. She’s really going to miss these sweet boys!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing this post up.~

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  1. Bethany Griggs

    Thank you, Amaris, for compiling these pictures, and Pearl for typing the captions! I enjoyed the post.


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