March News

First family picture with Levi
The rest of the family went down to West Virginia to see Levi and bring Pearl home. They got a picture with everyone.
Uncle Fain, Aunt Regina, Candace and Tasha went to Texas to get in on some of the camp meeting, and to get some dental work done in Mexico.
The line going across the border into Mexico.
They went to the ocean for an afternoon.
Candace helped her babysitting boys build the train track, and then was begged to keep playing with them!
Easton playing trains
Little Wyatt enjoying being outside.
Candace’s favorite time of the day–rocking Wyatt to sleep.
Easton playing in the mud.
Uncle Steve Blowers’ family stopped by on their way back to Estonia.
Pearl and I wanted kitchen herbs, so Daddy planted them for us. I love watching them grow.
The plants are growing well.
Our last cockapoo puppy, Carly, getting snuggles with Pearl before going to her new home.
The girls took pictures together one Sunday afternoon. Crystal and Candace
Susanna, Charity, Candace and Natasha
Pearl and Natasha
Candace has been doing a lot of coloring, and sends pictures. This is one of my favorites.
The girls usually come in here on Sunday nights and color while they talk.
Spring has sprung! Ezra got this picture of a spring flower.
Sorting all the jackets.
I have been wanting something I could watch while lying on my bed, so the girls got me some fish. I have been enjoying them very much! We have four right now, and will probably get a few more. More pictures next month.
Enjoying my fish
Due to coronavirus restrictions, Beavertown had drive-up church the last two Sundays. The young people from our two families went for the morning service Sunday. The preacher and singers stood on a platform on the top of a semi-trailer. You can see it in the middle of the picture. Everyone else stayed in their vehicles to worship. Most of the time everyone listened by radio.
They handed out song sheets so everyone had the words to the songs.
David decorated Easton and the cat!

~Much thanks to Crystal for typing for me.~

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  1. Melissa Jones

    Thanks for a look into your family life. I’d be interested to know if Steve’s family is part of a Russian Baptist Church. Benjamin worked with some of their people when he was in Ukraine doing a garden seed/Bible distribution. 😊


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