February News

My little cuddlebug, Sparkle.
A beautiful day to take a walk with the little boys.
Easton and Wyatt wanted to take a turn pushing the strollers! 🙂
I sat outside in the sun for a little while one day, and Candace brought her babysitting boys over to keep me company.
Since it hasn’t been cold enough to skate outside, the cousins decided to go to the rink.
Pearl and Tasha made soft pretzels for Sunday evening snack.
Pearl’s 19th birthday
Opening gifts.
Pearl and cousins made Mongolian food: steamed dumplings and potato salad. Pearl’s first time to do it by herself, and she did a really good job.
Pearl’s been wanting a new board game, so they got her the game Ticket to Ride. They even got the dads to play with them.
The ladies played Boggle.
Scrapbooking Sunday evening
The girls liked Ticket to Ride so much, they wanted to show the boys how to play.
Mommy and I headed to Arizona to a new clinic called Envita.
The long walkway between terminals. The lights were coordinated in time with music.
At first we were staying at a campground near the airport, so we could hear lots of airplanes going over.
We stayed in an RV for a couple days. This couch was my main place where I lay down.
The main area of the RV, with the kitchen and livingroom.
We moved to a different place and stayed in this room.
This is the dining room where Mommy and Aunt Becky did puzzles and Mommy did sewing.
Getting some Arizona sunshine.
The view from where I stayed most of the time. We would open the door to let in the fresh air.
Headed home to wait for results from the lab tests in Arizona.
These trees were in the hallways of the Scranton airport.
Mommy’s Amaryllis plant bloomed!
Levi Matthew Morley was born March 1st. 6 pounds 6 ounces. They had to put him on a CPAP machine for a few days because he was having trouble breathing. Kari’s first glimpse of her little brother in the NICU.
One of the first times holding him. Thankful that he got off the CPAP machine.
Pearl has been in West Virginia helping look after Kari while Levi was in the hospital.

Thanks to Crystal for typing for me.

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  1. Norma Blankenbeker

    As always I loved the pictures and update!! Praying you find some answers for help with your health issues. Please keep trust in our Jesus and God’s faithfulness to us.
    Norma Blankenbeker


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