In Loving Memory of Grandma Blowers #11

Today would have been dear Grandma’s 92nd birthday. But she is celebrating with Jesus and the angels today. The best celebration that a person can have with a new body, and no aches and pains or sorrow!

One of Grandma’s favorite things to do… puzzles. You probably couldn’t count how many she has done.

Grandma dearly loved her grandchildren and loved to have them spend time with her. I spent many days with them and she always was so glad to have me there.

I hope you enjoyed this short post of pictures. Just remember life is like a vapor. We never know what tomorrow may bring. Cherish the time you have with your family. Tell them how much you love them and then show your love in your actions.

Happy Heaven Day dear Grandma! We miss you so much. You are very loved and missed.

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