August News

Pearl babysitting some while Candace is in Africa.
I love children. So comforting to have them around. If they aren’t too naughty.;)
Silly Easton.
Canning green beans.
We had a very bountiful harvest of cukes. Over 100 quarts of pickles.
Corn freezing.
During a storm a branch fell on the electric wire outside Uncle Fain’s house. So the road was closed for awhile. The wire started to smoke.
Taking a short walk with the babysitting boys and cousins from CO.
New baby Ellianna came to visit.
Pearl’s first time voting.
David trying out my body pillow. He always makes me laugh.
Rose wanted a buggy ride and so our neighbor kindly took them.
Then they convinced to me take a little ride with them. It was not very smooth but I did enjoy it.
Sunday church at our house.
Coral is growing so big and learning fast.
Grandma’s gravestone and seasonal flowers.

More pictures to come sometime about the different trips made late summer. Pictures from India and Africa.

Hope you enjoyed our month of pictures!

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