Get to Know Me #3

What do you like best about children?

  • I love the simplicity of children. And especially their cuddles and hugs and kisses. I love children and I try to engage a conversation or get them to interact with me. My niece Kari loves to give kisses and high fives. It is so sweet and melts my heart. Children are a precious gift from the Lord.

If you could learn some new skills what would they be?

  • I have several particular ones that I would love to accomplish someday. One would be to learn better handwriting. My handwriting is not the neatest. I think partly because I am not well I just tend to be more sloppy but even before that I wished I had better handwriting. . Another one would be candy making. Even though I can’t have sweets I have been watching a youtube channel of candy makers and it is something I dearly would love to try to learn. There is an art to making chocolate covered things etc and also hard candy. Another one would be to become a good photographer. I love pictures so much. And it would benefit my blog and be useful in missionary work. Maybe even learn how to use a drone. Pictures can be such an icebreaker especially drone pics. Another thing is learn a new instrument. Either the mandolin or guitar.

What is the most heartwarming thing you have seen?

  • Well, that would be hard to choose… so I will name a few. One is my Grandpa holding his wife’s hand during her funeral. It was very touching and moving. The love that a person has for another is a beautiful thing. After being married 68 years it is hard to let go. Another one that touches me deeply is soldiers coming home to see their baby for the first time or coming home to surprise their family. That always gives me the goosebumps and brings tears. The birth of a baby or animal is another heartwarming experience. God made each baby whether human or animal so intricately and the joy of the parents is so rewarding and touching.

How do you show someone you love them?

  • The biggest way is to tell them and also I love giving a gift. It lets the other person know that you love them. It can just be a note or a small gift but it gives joy to me and shows love to them.

“Photos by James Staddon,

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