Memories #7– Old Photos

These next few memory posts will be old pictures of we 4 children. This one will mostly be of Pearl. They aren’t all going to be in chronological order. Not all the dates are correct on these photos so sometimes it is hard to tell which is each year. I hope you enjoy!


Little Pearl. Such a sweet heart.

Talking to Grandpa and Grandma. She was always such a talker once she got used to people.

She loved the piano even back then.:) These are some of my favorite pictures of Pearl. She was such a cute little girl.

Little helpers picking up scraps.

Oh, the joy on her face. She loved riding. Especially when we would let her do it herself.

Many of our horse rides this is how Pearl rode. It helped get the younger horses broken in to ride.

Shooting with Grandpa for the first time.

“I love my dolly so much!”

Matching jamies from Grandma Morley.

Out doors breakfast with some good friends.

“She’ll make a beautiful bride someday.” Trying on Mommy’s veil. 🙂

Herding cows was a favorite pastime. She loved horses and animals and she saw us doing it all the time for real.

Horses were our love. We rode just about everyday.

Baking with her best friends.

Celebrating a birthday with another little friend.

Such precious memories. I sure hope you enjoyed going back memory lane with me. My sister is my best friend. I love you Pearl!

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