In Loving Memory of Grandma Blowers #4

Only One Mother by Garnett Ann Shultz

Read by Aunt Becky at the funeral.

Only one Mother, a lifetime through,

Though so many other things come by two.

The rainbows, the starlight, the beautiful things,

Each new tomorrow, another one brings.

Plenty of roses, sunsets and such,

Green grass and blues skies that still mean so much.

The sunshine of summer is waiting for you.

Another bright springtime when winter is through.

But only one Mother, God meant it this way.

That she should be special and dearer each day.

He took part of all in this world bright and real.

And made them a part of the Mother ideal.

Do cherish this treasure, so precious and rare,

For she has a heart and is willing to share.

God’s greatest creation, more dearer than all others;

All else comes in dozens, but only one Mother.

Grandpa and Grandma and their 4 children.

Grandma and her 2 sisters.

Grandma loved puzzles so I will be interspersing them into future posts. This one with the dove in the middle symbolizes how she went up to Jesus. Pure and clean and now sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Keep tuned for future posts every Sunday about my dear Grandma. Blessings!

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