Travel Memories

Inspired by a conversation with a good friend I am going to share with you all the countries that we have been in since 2003. As you know we are big travelers. The love for traveling and missionary work started with me at 3 years old when we went to Mongolia. Some of these countries are repeats but different pictures from the different years that we were there. I hope you enjoy!

2004 Cech Republic, Progue
2004 Estonia
Berlin, Germany 2004
Mongolia, 2008 Leaving for furlough.

We all look tired. Look at the boys tent in the corner. They had to amuse themselves for many hours.

2008 South Korea
2008 Reunion in America
Headed to the USA. South Korea 2010
2010 America

After we weren’t allowed to live in Mongolia anymore… we settled for a while with Uncle Fain’s in Illinios. And we learned bells for the first time.

South Korea, 2011

Headed back to Mongolia to see if there was any change in our visa status.

Mongolia 2011

The government hadn’t changed the status of permission to live in Mongolia so we traveled down to China by train every month for 3 months. So many adventures.

Latvia 2011

Headed to Estonia to help my mom’s brothers family with homeschooling. We also did a lot of traveling and singing together.

Estonia 2011
America 2012 Family Reunion and Morley Grandparents 50th Anniversary
Estonia 2012
Finland 2012

Jed got to go to Finland on the ferry with Uncle Steve.

2013 Estonia

The last spring that we were in Estonia before we went to the USA.

Bejing, China Fall of 2013
Mongolia 2013
Frankfurt, Germany 2014

We came back to the States to live in December 2013. Then the next year we traveled to Africa for the first time.

Namibia, Africa 2014
Matarachi, Mexico 2015
Frankfurt, Germany 2015
Namibia, Africa 2015
Guatemala 2015
San Ildefnoso, Mexico 2016
Matarachi, Mexico 2017
San Ildefonso, Mexico 2017
Mongolia 2017
Matarachi, Mexico 2018
Tijuana, Mexico 2018
The Africa Travelers still on US soil. 2018
Switzerland 2018
South Africa, 2018
San Ildefonso, Mexico 2019

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  1. Bethany Griggs

    I really enjoyed this post!! It was neat seeing a timeline with all the different countries your family has been to.


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