July News

Tearing out the old bathtub to install a new shower.

Taking out the old toilet also.:)

This is how you get an old bathtub out. You have to use the sledge hammer.

Tasha’s favorite pastime. Hair styling.

4th of July picnic with family.

Mommy and Daddy took a 2 week trip out west with a Blowers nephews wedding in the middle of their trip. Another whole post will be dedicated to their trip.

Pearl has really been working with Gem as she has time. This was a morning run before the sun got too hot.

Some little cousins wanted to ride horse so Pearl and Ezra indulged them in their wish.

Garden time.

The bounty of summer time.

The finished product.

Cleaning job….

I took a trip to Colorado in hopes to get a change in scenery and kick start a new routine. It was good for me but unfortunately under the circumstances of Grandma’s death, the little improvement I saw was negated. But God has a plan and I am thinking and praying about what I should do next to keep working on improving my health along with the meds I am still taking. Another post will be coming sometime with pictures from my trip.

Shopping with Pearl for snacks for the Mexico travelers.

All the gifts all wrapped up.

Off to Mexico. More posts to follow about that trip also. But God really blessed their trip and the 2 VBS.

On the 12th of July, our dear Grandma Blowers passed away very suddenly with heart failure. It was a blow to everyone.

The table of memories.

Tremendous musical talent was the last part of the funeral dinner.

All the grandchildren and great grandchild with the flowers that we all bought in honor of Grandma.

A big storm went through and finished off this tree at Uncle Fain’s. Unfortunately it fell on the wire and caused some flames and sparks which had to be taken care of by the fire department and electric company.

Volleyball night.

God provided me a very nice wheelchair to replace the old shaky one I had.

Andrea came and helped clean the house before Mommy and Pearl got home. It was very needed and much appreciated.

The guys trying out baby shower games. 🙂

Thanks for joining us this month. It has been quite the month and the next few will have their challenges and busyness. Lots of traveling still happening. Stay tuned for more posts about the trips already taken and the ones still to come. God Bless!

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