Hymn Reflection #16–The Secret Place

I found a secret place of comfort and release
A special place of healing, a quiet place of peace
And everyone who dwells there finds rests beneath God’s wings
In the shade of His pavilion, in the strength He always brings.

I find hope, I find grace
Far away from the worlds embrace.
He gives me rest, He keeps me safe
I find His strength, I seek His face
In the secret place.

With every trial He brings, my Lord with make a way
To strengthen and protect me, to help me face each day.
He leads me through the valley to draw me closer still
Knowing even in the shadows, I find His perfect will.
Written by: Ron Hamilton

This song has been one I listen to many times. It is such a simple song but has deep meaning. Have we found the Secret Place we can go to and find rest? This song speaks the longing in my heart. Jesus is the one who we can just run to and find peace and rest. The past couple of weeks have been hard for our family with Grandma passing away. But we are thankful for the Rock and God that we can go to and hide under His protecting wings.

He gives us strength, peace, and rest. Away from the world’s embrace. Away from the distractions that so easily lure us away. He can help us face each new day. Each new trouble, discouragement or failure. With every trial, we know He will make a way for us. We just have to give our hopes and dreams to Him.

I pray this will encourage you tonight with whatever trial, problem or even joy that you have. Just take it to Jesus. I need Him so much. I for sure am still learning trust and obedience and leaving everything to Him. May God bless you.

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  1. Bethany Griggs

    That’s a beautiful song by Ron Hamilton. I love his songs, but I’m not sure if I’d heard that one before. Thank you for sharing it and sharing about it!


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