June News

Pearl and Mommy decided to really deep clean the kitchen cupboards. They got rid of a lot of things that we never use. The kitchen looks much better now.

Candace working on VBS crafts for the Mexico trip.

Pearl has been working with Gem and she is doing very well. She got a new turqiouse halter that accents her color very well.

The family took a trip to WV. I didn’t go along but they took lots of pictures for me to share with you all.

Reading with Grandpa.

Sunday evening gathering.

Cleaning out the pool for Kari!

Saturday day evening fun. They were shooting tops off of flowers.

Saying goodbye to Grandpa.

And goodbye to Grandma.

Frosty has been sticking really close since Sparkle left.

Little fawn that Ezra found out by the bridge. We don’t know where it came from or where it went.

Discovered that the stroller gives a much smoother ride than old wheelchair.

Sunday afternoon walk.

Nursing home service on Thursday night.

Uncle Piets, who we have helped several times with Bible trips. Just are headed out to distribute Bibles. They could use our prayers.

Wayatt is such a sweetheart. So cuddly.

Pool time with Easton and Wayatt. Feels good on a hot day.

Easton is under that afghan. He wasn’t feeling very good.

A storm is headed our way.

Hope you enjoyed the news from June. Many trips are planned for the next months so stay tuned. God bless!

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