Memorial Day

I wanted to make a post in memory of those that have died for our freedom. And to honor those who are presently serving in the US Army. I heard Jim Plank say today that we tend to take all our freedoms for granted. He said we just glibly go about our lives but tend to forget those that are risking their lives to protect their country and us. It reminds me of the love our Lord has for us. He loved us so much that He died the horrible death on the cross so that we could be free and someday live with Him in Heaven. These soldiers loved their country so much that they gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today in this country. Let us remember them on this holiday and pray for those who are currently working to keep us safe. Let us not take for granted the wonderful freedoms and privileges we enjoy.






May God bless our country. There is tremendous corruption but our country was founded on Biblical principles. I believe that God honors those who try to uphold the Bible, the Constitution and the principles that we stand for. Most of all pray for our nation, our president, our military and our people. God Bless America!

Here is a link to Samaritans Purse who is doing a tremendous job of working with our military families.

The 2019 Operation Heal Our Patriots Summer Season Started Memorial Day Weekend

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