April News



Little Sparkle was born on March 31. She was 4 1/2 inches long. She is such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle.




Sparkle is really getting big now. But she is still so tiny.  I just love her snuggles. She has stolen my heart. 🙂


Uncle Fain’s were asked to make tamales for the international meal at the Pennview Mission’s Convention. They made 240.


Mommy drying the corn husks that the tamales are wrapped in.Tamales are corn meal dough with meat inside wrapped in corn husks and steamed. Then you eat them with salsa and sour cream.



Jed and Rosalie came down to surprise Mommy for her birthday. She didn’t have a clue that they were coming. She had been in Rochester for a few days with her parents and so when she came home Jed was at the door with little Kari. We all were happy to have them here for several days. Kari is a sweet heart.


Easton and Candace came to visit and they made a puzzle while they were here.


Sunday afternoon walk….


Another Sunday afternoon walk with friends. They said it started to rain so they tried to find a little shelter. But they did come home pretty wet.


David loves trying new things out. So he had Kia helping to pull Wayatt. 🙂


David brought Gem over for Pearl to ride. I hardly ever get to see her so I went out and sat on the steps to give her some love. I am so glad that they are able to start riding her a bit more since the weather is getting warmer and school will be over soon.


Spring time is here and summer is on its way.:)


Moving Grandpa and Grandma Blowers has occupied many weekends. Not just moving but selling the old place and getting everything over to the new house.


Enjoying their new back porch. 🙂


Practicing singing for the next days program.


First program over…. such a good feeling. These young people have really put their hearts into the music and they are doing a great job.


Easter Sunday. I sat transported to the heavens with the beautiful music, the words of the songs and the testimony of the participants. God is so good. He has given many talents to this wonderful family of mine and they are using them to the best of their ability and for God’s glory. God blessed me with the strength to go along to this program. I am not involved in the programs in anyway but I was happy to be able to just be with them. I haven’t traveled with them much. They have 7 or 8 more programs yet with more to come I am sure. Afterwards they wanted to take pictures under the magnolia tree.






I found this quote this month. I wanted to put it here to hopefully encourage someone out there who is struggling to figure out what their place in life is. God is faithful and good. He knows what is around the bend. I needed this reminder and I hope it can help someone this week. Blessings!

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