Hymn Reflection #8– Why?


1. Why did they nail him to Calvary´s tree;
Why, tell me why was he there?
Jesus the helper, the healer, the friend,
Why, tell me why was he there?
All my iniquities on him were laid;
He nailed them all to the tree.
Jesus, the debt of my sin fully paid,
He paid the ransom for me.
2. Why should he love me a sinner undone;
Why, tell me why should he care?
I do not merit the love he has shown.
Why, tell me why should he care?
3. Why should I linger afar from his love;
Why, tell me why should I fear?
Somehow I know I must venture and prove;
Why, tell me why should I fear?
Written by: John M. Moore
      This song touched my heart this Easter Sunday when I heard our families singing it. I sat there in that service transported to the heavens with the beautiful music. I couldn’t keep the tears from falling. Our two families are doing spring concerts with the bells as well as singing. Because of my health I am not able to help out this time with the programs. But I was very thankful the Lord gave me the strength to go out this Easter and go along to hear the whole program. Just being with everyone was refreshing because I so seldom am able to along even though it is really hard and exhausting.
      As I listened to this song my heart was very full. We ask the question why? Why did God send His son down to this earth when He knew what the end result would be? Why did He allow them to nail Him to the cross? Why should He love me/us? Such sinners as we are. Why should He care about us?
     The answer is so simple that we can hardly comprehend it. Because God loved us so much, He sent His only Son. He loved us so much He took our iniquities and nailed them to the cross. He paid the ransom for us. We don’t deserve it. But He did it anyway. He spent hours in the garden sweating blood, agonizing over His human fleshly feelings. But in the end He said ” Father, your will be done.”
      Friends, are we so committed to Christ that we will give everything up and say “Jesus, your will be done in my life?” Are we so dedicated to God’s work that we will leave all and follow Him? Do we love anyone so much that we would lay our life down so that they could learn to love Jesus?  Are we willing to die for the truth?
      I challenge you to think through these questions and this hymn. I am reminded as I write this to search my heart and life. I pray your heart and life will be touched this week. Blessings!

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