February News


My horses are over at Uncle Fain’s right now because their fencing situation is better. Coral is very bad at staying in our fence here. And once they don’t respect the fence it is hard to keep them in. I never get to see them anymore so I had David take pictures for me so I could see them.:) My little horse is growing up so fast. I can’t believe it.



Celebrating February birthdays at the Chinese Buffet.


Pearl’s birthday is on Valentines day. She had her cousins over and they played games and had dessert.


Pearl and Ezra, cousins and friends attended a concert.


My great Aunt had some trees that needed taken down so Daddy and several of the boys made a couple trips up to New York to help her out. They took down 4-5 trees and got 3 truck and trailer loads of wood. It helps alot with heating our house because we have an outdoor furnace and it gobbles the wood.





Frosty decided to make herself to home on Ezra’s lap. This is before her haircut. She looks a lot better now.


Little Frosty after Daddy trimmed her and Pearl gave her a bath. You can see her eyes now and they are so big and cute. She is a sweetie. Loves to sleep beside me in the day and also at night.


The beginning of last month had a few nice days and Candace managed to get me out on a short walk. It was nice to get fresh air because I seldom get out of the house.


Pearl braved the cold one afternoon and got Gem out for a run. We need to exercise her more regular and get her built back up. She is a very determined and spunky horse.


Pearl took a walk around the pond across the road and the cat followed her. 🙂


Uncle Fain’s puppies are so cute.


Tasha had some of them over here the other day and so I got to hold one for a bit. I love little puppies.


Tasha brought Wayatt over to visit and he couldn’t wake up.:) Pearl enjoyed holding him for a bit.


Enjoying the snow with the little boys.


Several of Uncle Fain’s went to Texas to get dentist work done. They walked across the border into Mexico where teeth work is a lot cheaper. They had quite the experiences but after 4,500 miles and in a little over a week got safely home. They were able to see Paul Hughes(from our church) who is in the army at a base in Texas.

Well, that is the news from here for the month of February. I hope you enjoy and God Bless.

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