New Year Resolutions Or Goals (2019)

This time of year is very joyful. We celebrate our Lord’s first coming. But also the New Year is dawning upon us. And it causes many thoughts to run through minds. Serious, searching and probing thoughts. This is usually a time to reflect on the old year, old goals, and how the year has gone on a whole. I am going to write a few of my goals or resolutions down here but I would like you all to think about your old year and the new year coming. Keep God center and first and everything else will follow. Walk with God, worship Him, love Him, and thank Him. He is so worthy of our love and worship. We aren’t worthy to come to Him, but He made it possible that we can become clean and be able to come into His presence.

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I can’t even remember the goals that I made this past year. I should have written them down. But the Lord has chosen to lead me in a path that was very different from what I was hoping and dreaming. And during this time I believe He has changed my heart in several different ways.  Dreams and plans that I had held very dearly are taking on a different turn. Many things I planned on doing are not possible right now. But it’s ok. God has been working in me and I am slowly learning contentment. Something that I am trying to learn is to not focus on what I can’t do but what I can do. That can be very difficult to do. I love to give and sometimes I get so frustrated with my life because I don’t feel like I am giving anything. But God gently reminds me in many different ways of how I can give and its such a blessing.

First of all, I want to continue building my relationship with God. Which includes, more faithfulness in prayer, and reading of the Word. My Bible/hymn/quote journal is a great inspiration to me and I want to be more faithful about it. IMG_3168-r.JPG

Second, building relationship stronger with my immediate family and then to my surrounding family. God has blessed me very greatly with family and I can’t say enough of how much they mean to me. I have made some great friends also and I want to continue to build friendships.

Thirdly, to read and read some more. I have read quite a few books this year and want to do more. As far as I have counted I have around 63 books read this year.

Fourth, to use my talents/ resources that I have to better serve others. Since nursing, midwifery and mission work is not an option at this time I want to continue to discover ways to help others. Blogging has become a hobby and passion. I want to continue writing and discovering ways to be creative with it. Also learning to use my hands more to make things for others is something I would like to do. It is very difficult when a person has no energy and in constant pain but I want to make a effort to do something even if for just a tiny bit a day.

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There are a lot more things that I would love to do this year. It is my greatest desire to be useful in the Kingdom of God and to have a heart of compassion for other people. But God knows my path. He knows what is store for me. Walking Day by Day and moment by moment is the only way to make it right now. As of now I don’t see the road out of this trial/pain yet. But God is Faithful and He wants to be your way out if you don’t see it is possible.

So I am encouraging you to reach out to God at the end of this old year. He promised that old things would pass away and that things would become new. Make some realistic goals if you want. Follow your dreams if they are in accordance to the Will of our Father. And be joyful and happy that our Lord has come, and will be coming again as soon as He sees fit. Serve the Lord with gladness this year and come before Him with singing, shouting and praising God for Worthy is the Lamb!

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