Monthly News ~11/1/18

I want to write a monthly post and also a post of Kari Rose. If anything interesting happens in between I am sure you will be seeing posts then also. Hope you enjoy!


Daddy got this big squash somewhere and they finally got around to getting it all cut up and oven roasted. Crystal tried her hand at cutting it up. 🙂



Cushaw squash. It tastes very much like a spaghetti squash. The seeds were delicious.


It was such a nice day the other week we decided to bring the horses home. When I go out for fresh air they pull me in our wagon well padded with pillows.  They were being kept at my Uncle’s place because they had the fencing and room to keep them separated while we were weaning Coral. I wanted them back after a long 5 weeks because I like to be able to go out and see them when I am able. With them being half a mile away it was very seldom I got to be with them. Coral is so big now. She acts like a grown up horse.



Here is our caravan on the way home. 2 horses and a wagon with 4 people!



Candace is working on sewing our new Christmas outfits. You will have to see the end results in about 4 weeks when we have our first program. I will have someone take a picture to show you all.


Evening hayride with the youth organized by a family from church, the Yoders.  I went along on the ride but didn’t stay for the rest of the evenings activities. That ride was after dark and it was cold but it was good to be out in the fresh air. About an hour ride.


Daddy borrowed a scarf from someone cause his ears were getting cold. 🙂


After the hay ride there was homemade donuts made and time to visit around the fire. This would be at the Yoder’s place.


Pearl, Kari and Janae Yoder making donuts.



Mommy and Daddy went to a funeral of a young man we met in Mexico who passed away from cancer. I sent this pillow and case along to give to his mother. I had done all the embroidery last year before I got sick and Mommy just finished putting it together. So I did the embroidery in the middle.


Cousin time at the coffee shop. It was good to all get together and chat.


Its hard for me to get out very often but sometimes it is just good to get out of the house and you can’t get any better company than your best friends.


After enjoying the time in the coffee shop everyone but me went to roam around the Decor shop next door. SO they found a spot to take a photo!


To try to cheer me up these kind individuals decided to play my favorite game Blokus. Candace won the first time and I the second time around.



At fellowship meal on Sunday, this little girl climbed into Pearl’s lap. She was so cute I had to get a picture.


Another cute little one running around. 🙂


Practicing our songs for our Christmas Programs that are coming up faster than scat. Only 4 weeks till the first one!


Walking out to check on my horses (which I try to do once a day for exercise) and I saw this….couldn’t pass it up.

Well, that comes to the end of the blog for the month. God Bless!

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