More Reflections

First off…. God is good. He is so faithful. He knows us inside and out and I praise Him. I must admit that this last month has been hard but I still thank Him for seeing me through. I have been listening to the Bible on my phone Bible app. I am in 1st Samuel right now. Hannah went to the Lord and prayed for a son. And God granted her wish and she dedicated him to the Lord’s work. Samuel at first didn’t know that the Lord was the one calling him in the night. I want to be sensitive to God’s voice. It was a good reminder and I wanted to share it with you.


My body is still fighting against me. I am still battling the pain and fatigue. I just received some more pain medicine from Mexico. It seems to help take the edge off the pain so I am keeping on that for now. Some friends from church were down there for treatment and they talked to the doctor about me and he was concerned. So he sent back with them several different vitamins and protein/vitamin powder to try for a month to see if anything will make a difference. He was very kind and didn’t charge us for the first month of supplements. They have been extremely kind and helpful to me and I am very grateful for that. (On a side note. I dug around in my box of gifts and found enough embroidered gifts to send down to my friends and doctor in Mexico. And they were so thrilled. And I will send a couple pictures along with this. I love giving. It made me feel so happy that I can bless people with things I have made.) Like I said I also got more pain meds. I am keeping on with a couple other liquid supplements also.


Laura and Illse (the girls at the front desk of the clinic who do all the scheduling etc.)


Dr. Marco Noquez (my main doctor)


Alicia (the nurse who does the IV’s).


So I am going to keep pressing on. Patience is a key component of this time of my life. I can’t say I never get discouraged or depressed or downhearted but so thankful for my Heavenly Father and the many friends I have to keep me going. We are full swing into bells and singing preparing for Christmas. Our first program is November 25th in Missouri after our Morley reunion. You can pray that I can gain strength to keep up with all the practice and programs in the next 2 months. I realized today that just a little excursion yesterday tired me out completely and I stayed in bed a lot longer than usual. So I need more strength to keep up with everything.


My heart has been heavy after learning of the death of a friend that we met in Mexico in April. A few weeks ago he started going downhill and on Friday passed away from cancer. He was only 26 years old. He was a big inspiration and encouragement to many people in his short life. He was on fire for God and had a wonderful attitude, energy and cheerfulness. You can keep the family in prayer. Mommy and Daddy are hoping  to go to the funeral in Michigan. Several of our friends we made while there will be there also. I would love to go but don’t think I can take a trip like that right now. But we are thankful he is where there is no more pain and is sitting at Jesus feet rejoicing!

He is the one on the far left across from me.



Thank you all for your encouragement and support you have been. I love to hear from people and I appreciate all who keep in contact with me. Writing is a great delight to me. My blog is a nice distraction for me as is reading books. Blessings!



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