First Official Bell Practice and New Picture


Gearing up for the Christmas Season. The first official practice. Our first program is the 25th of November in Missouri.  We added two new bells songs to our repertoire. “Still, Still, Still” and “What Child is This?” We are working at getting new outfits sewn, choral songs picked and arranged and of course, practice.:) We now own 4 octaves of bells along with 3 octaves of hand chimes.


The people down the road graciously let us use their barn as our backdrop. This photo is for our program announcements.


The second pose….



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    Thanks for again sending a new post. I like the first pose best. Think the sun must have been out and in the eyes of some in the second pose. Looking forward to hearing the Christmas concert. I’m sure it will be lovely, a always, and inspiring. Love you, Amaris


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