Birthday Party in New York 10/6/18

Grandpa and Grandma Blowers’ birthdays are 2 weeks apart so we decided to take a trip up and celebrate with them the weekend in between their birthdays. Uncle Don and Aunt Pam made the trip all the way from NC and also Grandpa’s sister and brother (with his wife). I had planned on going no matter what because I haven’t seen my grandparents for a long time. Trips are a challenge right now, especially 3 and 1/2 hour ones. Mommy and Aunt Becky wanted to keep everything simple so they fixed coleslaw, hamburgers, hotdogs and chips, with pie and ice cream for dessert. It was an enjoyable time ending with singing several songs and prayer.


Pearl writing in cards for G and G.


Waiting for lunch.



Opening gifts and reading cards.


Three of the four siblings… Aunt Becky, Uncle Don and Mommy. Only missing Uncle Steve in Estonia.


Aunt Faith (U. Dave’s wife), Uncle Dave, Grandpa’s brother and sister, Aunt Elaine.


Singing some of the old songs!


We are waiting for things to get cleaned up before heading back to the apartment. Aunt Becky was able to borrow this big room for the sake of having more room. Their apartment is moderately sized but a crowd like that is too much. This room was just across the parking lot.

Grandpa and Grandma are doing fairly well. Grandpa is weaker and failing in his mind. Grandma seems about the same. Always cheerful and happy and feisty. They both are very sweet. They are very grateful not having to move right now. Hopefully their next move will be Home.   Their apartment is very suitable to their needs now. We were glad we could spend the day with them.

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