Weekend with Jed and Family


Jed and Rosalie came up to spend a few days with us mostly because they wanted to be here for Ezra’s b-day but of course so we could enjoy Kari and them also! 🙂  Little Kari Rose has grown up a lot since we saw her last. She is a very smiley baby. We love her too pieces. Grandpa and Grandma (Junior) Morley are very proud of their grand baby.:)


Kevin Weaver ( a man from our church) wanted to do a fundraiser for Phil and Amrie Geise who are now living in Africa. So a lot of the young people and older people 🙂 gathered at Whispering Pines orchard and spent 4 hours picking apples. ( I am just documenting this but I wasn’t there.) They picked 14 bins of apples as you will see in following pictures.


That’s only 10 of the bins….inde3x.jpg


The evening that Jed’s got here we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet. It was wonderful to go somewhere as our whole family. We really enjoyed the time they were here. They were here from Friday afternoon to Wednesday morning.


Grandma putting Kari to sleep and Frosty in the front was with me on the couch. index8.jpg

Monday evening we had Ezra’s favorite curry stew with dumplings and had gifts cause it was his real birthday!:) Uncle Fain’s came over for desert (apple salad and fresh peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies).


Opening gifts!


Little Kari is a bit more than 4 months but is learning to eat solid food a little.


So happy after getting a good nap and a diaper change!


Jed help make a cement floor in our dog kennel. He also helped gather all the materials for making a picnic table but they didn’t get to it. At least we have the stuff until next time he can help build it!


They used 39 bags of cement. Already combined cement with all the sand and gravel.


The orchard allowed them to pick up drops so they filled the car trunk as full as they could so they can make cider. Mommy is washing them before they get chopped up. Daddy got this press last year and it worked well enough for our use!


Pouring apples into the grinder.


They had to cut the apples before they put them in the grinder. index14.jpg

Had to strain the juice before bottling it up.


I helped by watching Kari. She was mostly happy until she got to hungry and tired. I got really tired too!:)


Even Grandpa can put baby to sleep.


Well, I guess that is the end for this blog. I hope you enjoy following our lives as I try to portray it!

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  1. Carolyn Griggs

    Thank you for each post. I enjoy them and I am glad you have that to enjoy right now! Stay encouraged and remember you are being prayed for. Bethany really enjoys staying in touch with you. Love ya……


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