Coral — From Birth to Now.


Here is Gem not long before Baby Coral was born.


This is Coral’s daddy. She is getting to look more and more like him.


Coral was born outside in the drizzly weather. Daddy woke me up about 8 saying that Gem was having her baby! I went out and sat under the horse coral roof to watch. I am so thankful I was able to be there the whole time. We had fixed up this space in a adjacent pole barn a month or so ahead because we weren’t exactly sure when she would be born. So about an hour after she was born we carried her into this shed. We helped dry her off with a few towels and then I came out every half hour to make sure she was getting up and drinking. She was kinda slow at first finding her way to drink but eventually she got better and then I didn’t have any more trouble with her.


Finally getting up by herself to drink. It took some coaxing. 🙂 I was really grateful when she caught on cause I was getting pretty tired.


A selfie with my two treasures.


First time outside since she was born!


First official photo shoot! My precious treasures!


She is a curious little thing. I tried to have someone work with her at least once a day. Most of the time I was able to go out and supervise from a chair.


She is growing up so fast. Almost 2 months old!


Now she is turning gray like her daddy. In over about a 2 month period she has turned almost totally a different color.


At 4 months old. We are just weaning her! She is totally healthy and as far as I know has no problems. She is doing super well with leading and putting a halter on. She has really gentled down since she is being weaned.


Little One is the joy of my life. I can’t believe I have a little filly. I am so thankful for her. Gem has struggled with keeping weight on this summer. A large animal vet told us that it is probably because she was putting everything into her milk so we are working on weaning Coral. Then Gem started pinning for her baby so we moved her to where she can see her baby but not in the same pasture. It takes longer to wean but its worth Gem to be happy. She really is happy now! 🙂  Hopefully she will gain some weight before winter. We are really working to that end!

You might want to know why I choose the names of my horses. As soon as I got the Momma horse I was so happy because I had longed so much for a horse for so long. She was my Gem. A very precious treasure. I wanted little one’s name to be a precious stone name also and it took quite a hunt to find a couple suitable names. I wanted a boy and girl name because I didn’t know which one it would be. I found Coral or Jewel for a girl and Diamond or Jasper for a boy.

Well, now you have the story from birth till she is 4 months old. I will keep updated pictures up as I can. Hopefully I can get another photo shoot of them both before to long.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

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