Mexico Trip Days #5-9 and Afterwards!

I am finally getting around to finishing this blog set about my trip to Mexico trip. It has been 6 weeks since  we left Mexico. Hard to believe it has been that long.

I was diagnosed with Brucellosis (a bacteria in the blood caused by improperly cooked milk, or even via air), high salmonella levels (cause the same as brucellosis), lymes disease, and severe sinus issues. Unfortunately the first two are possibly harking back even to Mongolia days (10 years ago). So I have a ways of recovery to look forward too.:) But I am so thankful for a loving and caring God that has everything planned out to the very details and He led me to find help in Mexico. The doctors prescribed 6 weeks of antibiotics for all of the problems.  I am to get a CT scan done about halfway through to see if the sinus problem has cleared up. If not there might be more to do with that.

Doc Marco & me!

Here is Dr Marco, who was my main doctor. We failed to take a picture of him before we left and so we asked our friend Jonathan Wagler to send us one. Here he is there posing with Dr Marco. DSCN3378

From left to right: Elsie, Laura (both work in the office coordinating all the appointments and phone calls) and a driver Emmanuel.


Driver Emmanuel in one of the vans that we traveled in.


After supper  game of Blokus with our new friends. The couple on the right are Wendell and Ruth Martin from Rochester, Washington State. They were our apartment companions after he got out of the hospital after having surgery to remove a tumor. The guy on the far left is Jonathan Wagler. He is originally from Illinios but currently living in Michigan. He was there for radiation for cancer. The other couple on the left is Andrew and Jana Martin. They live in British Colombia. They were there for teeth and some other issues. (We became very good friends with them and keep in contact with all of them. Wendell is actually in Mexico right now for treatment of his cancer.)


We got together another night and had supper together again and of course Blokus!:) I really enjoyed getting to learn a new game and new friends. It helped cheer me up. They were the only young people there. Wendell and Ruth had already left.


On Friday the 4th of May, I got the ok to come home. We were able to get tickets for that evening and we headed home. I was really happy because I didn’t know when I could come home and it was a nice to only spend 9 days there. They fully expect the antibiotics to kick in before too long and start to work. I was having a difficult time walking so we were able to get wheel chair service which was really nice. It helped us from standing in lines and saved my strength for the trip. So glad God invented wheels!:)


It was a nonstop flight from San Diego to Baltimore, Washington. It was overnight so we didn’t get that much sleep. But we were happy to see Pearl, Daddy and Candace who meet us at the airport. We got home in time for  breakfast and it was a very grateful family who gathered around to be together again after 10 days.


Baby Kari Rose Morley was born the day before we came home. Mommy was estatic with the news and told everyone at the clinic the news. I was happy too but Mommy couldn’t keep it to herself. As you can imagine a first time Grandma! The Sunday evening after we got home from Mexico the rest of the family made the journey down to see her. I wasn’t up to traveling after just getting back. But I got to see her a couple weeks later when we went down that way for a graduation.

Before I tell the latest news before I close I just want to take time to praise God for His wonderful faithfulness to a very unworthy girl. He has been a very precious comfort in during this time. I have struggled a lot with just trusting God and having patience when I want so badly to be normal again. Sometimes it takes very hard trials to draw us closer to God and I feel that is what happened to me. He has given me promise after promise and given me many friends who pray for me and encourage me. Thanks to you all for your part in this journey. It isn’t over yet as you will find out in the next paragraph but I want you all to know I appreciate every kind word, pray and encouragement that comes my way.

~~ The most recent news I have is that I came home fully expecting to be up and well on my way to health by now. But God sometimes has other plans. I firmly believe He sent me to Mexico and was able to help  the doctors in the diagnosing and treatment. But the treatment has not been as effective as I had hoped. I have completed the 6 week course of antibiotics seeing very little improvement.   I am still struggling with severe pain and no energy along with lots of nausea (mostly caused by the medication). We decided to call down to Mexico today and I actually talked with Dr Marco. He recommended I get a Lymes test again to see how I stand with that. He told me Lymes is sometimes difficult to erradicate with just a few weeks of antibiotics. I actually already have a lymes test scheduled for next week and I am to send the results down to him. From there they will decide what course to take next but it probably will be more medication. I have myself on a mostly strict gluten free and sugar free diet. I am taking some different things trying to see what might help boost my immunity so I can better fight these problems. Please keep praying for me. I still struggle with trusting completely in God, and with patience. It has not been a easy road and it is still not but God is abundantly able and I have found Him to be here for me when I am depressed or impatient. Praising God for His wonderful goodness and Grace.


Baby Coral was born on the 16th of May. She is a really big blessing to me. I thought Gem (the Mommy) would have Coral before I got home from Mexico but God timed it right so that I was able to be here and see her be born. I love her to pieces and she is growing like a weed. That is an old picture. She is grown alot since then.

Until Next time…….

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